It's been a while!

So, I wrote one blog and thought that was it! It's a bit like when a child goes to school for their first day. There's been such a build up from everyone: "You're going to school. Such a grown up girl!" And then the day comes. And passes. And the child thinks, "That's it! I've done school!" It's then of course they realise that going to school is for more than a day! It's for quite a few days actually.

I remember thinking when I took my O Levels as they were then, that's it, no more exams! If only! I've just started a course where I've had to write two essays in the last few weeks. And there's plenty more of that to come before I'll be finished.  So why, I hear you cry, would you embark on a course that requires you to write essays? Growth is, I think the answer.

When we go to school for the first time it's because we are being encouraged to grow. And growing is a life long thing - especially for followers of Jesus. The most important thing that God desires for me, is that I continue to grow into the most magnificent person I can be in the image of Jesus. I just found one more way of growing. It's what he desires for you too. So how are you growing and becoming more of the magnificent person you can be in the image of Jesus?