We believe our purpose is to

Declare God's Praise

Develop Christian Disciples

Demonstrate God's love

Our Values are to be a GOSPEL People

    We will be motivated by God’s free gift of love in all that we do
One Another
    We will be real as we care for one another and work together
Servant Hearts
    We will serve those in the local community and beyond with integrity and love
    We will share the Good News of Jesus with anyone who does not know him
    We will identify, develop and use our God given gifts
    We will be good stewards of our time, talents and possessions

To achieve our Vision we have three main thrusts

Everyday Life - Being

We will be seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary as we live fruitful lives in all the places we go.

Family Life - Belonging

We will be living lives that are healthy, vibrant and mature.

Community Life - Befriending

Crawley Baptist Church will be a magnetic, innovative and welcoming community centre.