Wholeheartedly together!

Life groups are a great place for making friends, building relationships and growing in our Christian lives. 

Meeting together on Sundays as part of the church congregation is a great way of worshipping and celebrating our faith, learning from the teaching and preaching and being community together.  But there is much more.  People tend to relate, grow and develop better in smaller groups that are more focussed on 'doing life' together.  That's why we call them Life Groups.

We believe that people should have the choice to be a part of whichever Life Group best suits them.  That's why we have over twenty different groups:

  • they meet at various times, some during the day and some in the evening
  • some get together weekly, some every fortnight
  • the mixes vary, from ladies groups, men’s groups, to mixed groups or couples
  • the focus changes across the groups from those who are exploring what Christianity is all about, to those who are mature in the faith and want to explore more in depth bible study, prayer or worship.

Whatever your needs, there is a Life Group that would welcome you!


What to know more about Life Groups?

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