This website was rebuilt in 2016 from the previous 2008 version in order to take advantage of the exciting new opportunities available from technology such as social networking, podcasting and interactive calendar events, and also to reflect the new vision of Crawley Baptist Church - to be Bursting with Life!

We are aware that the majority of website visits nowadays are accessed through a mobile device. So the website is designed to be responsive to computers, tablets and smartphones and render an optimal experience for each device.  

We hope the content will be of interest and use to visitors and people 'just looking' as much as to the regular community of worshippers in Crawley.

Colin Guest is responsible for putting together the design, content and images with help from staff and team leaders and specialists to create content and ensure that the website moves and changes with the life of the church.

The website is hosted by SquareSpace who also provide the development tools.

We welcome any question or feedback and invite you to use the form below.

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