First Blog!


Well this is a first: a first for me and a first for the new CBC website! A minister's blog. Got me thinking about the whole idea of something being the first: the first day at work; the first day of a holiday; the first person to walk on the moon; the first person to try a new drug! And then that got me thinking about all those people who came first at the Rio Olympics, those who won a gold medal. Well done I say. And probably you too! Listening to them talk about winning gold they all seemed to say something very similar, that to win a gold medal requires a lot of hard work and commitment. And they all seemed to say that the only way you can win gold is put tennis, or swimming or gymnastics or whatever discipline it is, first! It has to be the most important thing they do. It doesn't mean they don't ever do anything else, but it does mean that everything else fits around their chosen sport. That got me thinking about how I live in the light of what I believe about God. Is what I believe about Him enough to put Him first? It doesn't mean there aren't lots of things that I have to do, there are. But how much do I do them in the light of the most important thing? Here's a thought though and quite a good one I think! Only one person or team wins a gold medal in any sport at the Olympics. Everyone else is considered to have lost (even if they get a silver or bronze medal). But as a follower of Jesus Christ, I don't have to worry about losing. I'm a winner because I trust in the God of the universe who loves me because he loves me because he loves me...And nothing can change that! And that's true because he first loved me! Another first!

Till next time then!