Deo Gloria Church, Hunedoara, Romania

Deo Gloria Church is led by Emy and Fabi Goicovici, having a membership of around 60 people. They celebrated their 10thchurch anniversary in September 2017, looking back over their many achievements.

Having a passion for youth and teen ministry, they have launched an Awana Club in the town, which is an evangelistic project for children and their parents whilst also providing discipleship opportunities for growing young leaders with average 40 participants and 8 leaders. 

They work on the board of Awana Romania and help in the outworking to fulfil the vision for 700 Romanian Awana clubs by 2020. 

They are also involved in the History Makers’ ministry, mentoring and developing young leaders in the country.

 The church has a Sunday school, a women’s counselling and ministry group, and regular men’s bible studies. They give regularly to families in need of help with rent/food and weekly they visit villages around the town partnering with Sunshine in the Villages ministry. 

Crawley Baptist Church has been praying for them, and supporting the youth camps in the summer, along with Bible provision for young people since the church was founded.

Their current need is for provision of a building in which to meet as the lease is up shortly on the town central place they are using.A significant verse for them is Hebrews 13 v 1 “Keep on loving each other as brothers.”