Working in Partnership with the Church in Africa

Faith in Action was registered as a charity in 1986 after Martin Jeffree, who was an airline pilot at the time, took two months unpaid leave and went to work with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Dodoma, Tanzania. While Martin was there, he was challenged by the surrounding poverty and especially the need for clothing. On leaving, he left all his clothing behind and came home with an empty suitcase.

After his return to the UK, Martin and his wife, Sally, felt that God was leading them to continue sending relief consignments to the contacts that Martin had made in Tanzania. Within about five years sixty packing groups had been set up in the UK and in two other countries.

More recently the focus has been on working with the Faith in Action Church in Malawi, led by Pastor Lameck Msamange, providing funds for a variety of both spiritual and development projects, predominantly in an area in the very south of Malawi, called the Lower Shire.

Besides involvement in a number of different community development projects, a total of 2,361 Bibles and 38,065 Bible studies have now been distributed in nine prisons in Malawi and many reports have been received of the transformation that these Bibles and studies have brought about within these prisons. Many inmates have become Christians. We also understand that these prisons are now peaceful and far fewer prisoners are trying to escape. Pastors from the Faith in Action Church have also been given an open invitation to go into the prisons and to hold meetings there.

Crawley Baptist Church have supported Faith in Action since 2013. In 2016 Ian Phillips and members of the mission team visited Malawi at Faith in Action Church’s request, to assist in a pastors’ training conference in the Lower Shire. CBC also donated funds in 2017 to purchase maize seed, during the period of widespread food shortages. Website address: