Christian Engineers in Development is a Christian professional consultancy service dedicated to development work with overseas communities, and through service, to witness to the Christian Faith

About CED

Operations usually comprise an arrangement between a developing country organisation, a funding agency and CED providing technical assistance. Projects often deliver improved water supplies and promote self-help with the maximum use of local resources and CED helping with services such as site visits, feasibility studies, assistance with project proposals, design, contract documents, procurement, tender evaluation, project supervision, direct labour employment, on-the-job training of local staff, project monitoring and evaluation, assistance with fund-raising and the management of project funding. 

Alan Michell's visits

Alan Michell, a member of Crawley Baptist Church and a Trustee of CED, has made two visits to Sierra Leone and several ongoing visits to Rwanda since early 2016. The Churches visited ranged from a tent in Pastor Charles Semwaga’s driveway, to a Bamboo framework over which a tarpaulin would be placed for shelter if needed, a 1000+ auditorium run by the Christian Life Assemblies Church in Kigali, and an Anglican Cathedral in Byumba in the mountainous north of Rwanda. A number of churches visited had part finished construction programmes under way to provide larger facilities, but many had halted for lack of funds to complete. At each site whether School or Church the Students and children seemed to be happy with warm greetings offered by the Kindergarten children in particular. On Nkombo Island, in Rwanda a Grifaid Community Aquafilter was donated to the school, and family filters to a number of houses for the provision of potable drinking water. These filters were donated through a colleague of Alan’s in the Anglican Church in Lewes, who first introduced Alan to Rwanda.


The project to provide a more reliable water supply to a returnee community in the village of Kavumu in the Eastern Region of Rwanda made a good start at the beginning of January. A Bulk water Storage tank is being constructed to overcome the difficulties of erratic and unrelianble mains water supply. In addition up to 50 homes will be provided with a Rain water Harvesting tank and a Kitchen Garden. A training programme was held over two weeks during January to teach the local villagers the skills of constructing Ferro-cement tanks. During the training programme three tanks and Kitchen Gardens were constructed. It is expected that the villagers will now be able to continue this work for the remaining houses over the coming year with occasional progress visits being made by Alan Michell. See the Progress Reports 1 & 2 for further details of the work so far.

Sierra Leone

Alan Michell leaves for his third visit to Sierra Leone on Sunday 17th February to progress the planning for three potential projects. Click here to read his itinerary.

Manowa is a village of approximately 6,000 inhabitants with no potable water supply and very basic sanitation facilities. CED are working with Practical Tools Iniative (PTI)  to provide a pipe water supply by capping a stream in the hills above the village and feeding by gravity to storage tanks and tap points around the village. In addition to the new water supply improved sanitation facilities and hygiene training is planned. Once the design is finished and scope agreed CED will be seeking funding for the project which is expected to be around £150,000.

Gbonka and Bonbali are two smaller villages in the Lungi area close to the Freetown International Airport. Neither have a mains water supply and existing hand dug wells are either contaminated or dry. Water is obtained from a nearby stream. The plan here is to dig a deep borehole which it is hoped will overcome the present contamination issues of shallow wells. Partial funding has already been secured and drilling could proceed once wwe are sure we can overcome the contamination issues.

Rotifunk is a completely new project, where the village is again in desparate need of an improved water supply. A meeting willl be held with the local village chiefs and officials to investigate if and how CED might be able to help .