If you are in school year 6 or under, the children’s ministry team are there to help you explore faith in a fun way on a Sunday morning.


On most Sundays we are part of family worship with the adults and then we have our own time of teaching and fun.

Yellow Team

for under 3s

9:15am service only

A place for babies and Toddlers to learn that God loves them through play and stories with leaders who care about our youngest children. It is also the place for parents to meet and build friendships with the leaders and others as they visit yellow team each week.

Red Team

From 3 - Reception Year

9:15am service only

Red Team is a fun, safe, and secure place to explore bible stories through active play, craft and games. Drink and biscuit time is also great for sharing news and making new friends.

Blue Team

School Years 1 - 3

9:15am service only

Blue Team is a lively place where children learn to study the bible and build good friendships with the other children and adult leaders. There are always lots of games and activities so it is a fun place to be each Sunday morning.

Green Team

School Years 4 - 6

9:15am service only

So many questions to explore? Green Team is the place to find out more and grow in faith as you explore everyday issues from a biblical perspective. Showing that God loves you passionately.


Ages 3 – school year 6

11:15am service only

Connect is designed to serve the needs of the children who come to the 11:15 service. We encourage all our pre-school and primary school children with leaders to have fun and learn together. Connect is a special place to share stories from the bible, play games, make craft, pray and worship together.