Gift Aid

If you attend the church, or a member, you may like to consider regular support through the Gift Aid Scheme.  This enables the church to recover basic rate income tax paid by donors on the amount given - donors who pay 40% tax can also reclaim a further 25% of their Gift Aid donation on their tax return.  It represents a significant benefit to the church and costs you nothing more!  We will do all the administration, please contact Lesley King for further details.


If you are not local, you may wish to donate online through our PayPal account below; PayPal charge us a small fee.  If you don't have a PayPal account there is no problem, they also accept all major credit cards. Just select the option at the bottom of the introductory page that says: ' Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)' then click on the adjacent link to continue. Donating with PayPal is fast, free and secure!

Please don't use this facility for paying invoices from Crawley Baptist Church, they should be paid to the church office in the normal way.

Support us while buying on-line

Click to learn more

Click to learn more

If you use the internet to order goods and services on-line a percentage of your order can be refunded by the vendor to a charity of your choice. For example, Marks & Spencer (one of 400 or so companies who are part of the scheme) offer a donation of 2.5% of the value of your order when you order on-line. For further details, visit the site for information on how easy it is to donate to your favourite charity. Not surprisingly you will find Crawley Baptist Church amongst the list of Charities!

Tax repayments from self-assessment

Individuals can nominate Crawley Baptist Church to receive their tax repayments (yes, some do exist!) through the Self-Assessment returns as a donation. The unique code for CBC that donors need to include in their SA tax return is WAE53CG.