Crawley Baptist Church is linked with the Aghem Bible Translation Project in NW Cameroon through Wycliffe Bible Translators

The Aghem people group is in the English speaking part of the country, which has a population of around 50,000.  The local people are mostly subsistence farmers and live in a group of villages.

Wycliffe is partnered with The Cameroon Association for Bible Translation & Literacy (CABTAL), that was officially recognised by the Cameroonian government in 1987.

There is a dedicated team of people working on translating the scriptures into the Aghem language and also setting up a literacy programme.  The project was given a piece of land on the edge of the village and Crawley Baptist Church raised money to buy 236 trees to mark out the area and with local contributions managed to buy some pineapple plants to generate funds for the project.  

We continue to support this work, that is centred in the village of Wum in N.W. Cameroon, by prayer and with financial contributions.  Two visits have been made to the project by members from our church.

The project is moving towards completion when the New Testament will be ready for printing and distribution to the various churches in Wum.  Prayer is needed for the final checking of the remaining books and for the literacy classes that have run parallel with the translation project.